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Budincich Chiropractic Clinic has two chiropractic doctors who will discuss your case and diagnostics to make the best recommendations for your treatment.

Dr. Michael ("Dr. Bud") Budincich, DC, QME
Dr. Michael Budincich, more commonly known to his patient's as "Dr. Bud", has been an evolving Doctor of Chiropractic for over 30 years. It was the hand of destiny that drafted the course of Budincich's professional life. His initial plan was to be a dentist and he pursued that goal with the help of a Track and Field scholarship at USC. Looking back, Budincich says, "It was a life changing experience that altered my focus". During heavy training as a shot-putter, he suffered a back injury which seriously compromised his athletic career. Read more

Dr. Bud’s Resume

Dr. Polin Togi, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine
Dr.Polin Togi graduated from Dongguk University Los Angeles, and has been a California Licensed Acupuncturist since 2011. Prior to studying oriental medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Togi practiced as a western-educated physician. Read more

Melissa Fernandez, Certified Holistic Life Coach
Melissa offers her knowledge of holistic nutrition, life and relationship coaching, diet planning, and corrective & restorative exercise. Melissa’s practice includes the Ayurvedic diet and relaxation meditation. Read more

Melissa Fernandez’ Resume

Dr. Michael N. Budincich,
Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Michael ('Dr. Bud') Budincich, Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Polin Togi, Licensed Acupuncturist
Dr. Polin Togi
Certified Holistic
Life Coach
Christie De La Rosa-Yepez, Insurance and Front Office Manager
Christie De La Rosa-Yepez, Insurance and Front Office Manager
De La Rosa-Yepez
Insurance and Front Office Manager
Alondra Renteria
Insurance/Front Desk Receptionist
Alondra Renteria, Insurance and Front Desk Receptionist
Christie De La Rosa-Yepez, Insurance and Front Office Manager
Scott Mariani
Certified Massage