July Trips to Baja Bring Much Relief to the Needy

Dr. Michael Budincich, D.C.

Dr. Budincich made two back-to-back trips to Baja California this past month to serve the neediest of the Mexican people. On July 11-13th, Dr. Bud, Dr. Kate, and their two children made a flight to San Quintin, Baja some 300 miles south of the border to serve at a mission hospital called "La Esperanza" (The Hope). Dr. Bud treated some 80 or so migrant farm workers and locals along with members of the mission team needing chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Catherine Budincich, Dr. Bud's wife was recruited to be the cook for the weekend and served 25-30 people each four home cooked meals for Friday and Saturday and did the kitchen clean up as well! I think she might have enjoyed adjusting patients better, but that is where the Lord put her that weekend. Since she is such a great cook, she really enjoyed serving in this way so that other doctors and dentists could do their work on a full stomach. Andja, Dr. Bud's daughter was a great cook's assistant, and his son Nick helped with building projects and was a help to the pilots who help with mission building repairs. Dr. Bud's highlight of the trip was to hear Andja comment on how "very nice the smallest of El Monte homes were compared to those in Mexico" on the drive back home from the airport. It's nice to know that children can really appreciate how much better the average citizen lives here compared to third world countries. We all have so much here in abundance that we should feel compelled to serve our fellow brothers and sisters who were not born into affluence.

The second trip in July made by Dr. Bud was to Ensenada, Baja on July 18-20, where Dr. Bud served 60 or so chiropractic patients including the Mayor's wife and her bodyguard. The Mayor's wife was instrumental in securing our treatment buildings where our 110 volunteers from all over Southern California and beyond could set up their temporary treatment areas. Dr. Ramon Vidauri was the local MD that made the clinic logistics really come together and made it possible for all of us to come and serve these people at the DIF ( Desarollo Integral de la Familia), and the local Calvary Chapel Church. The flight to and from Ensenada was uneventful in Dr. Bud's Cessna 206 bush plane, and the chiropractic portable table, boxes of orthotics, and orthopedic supplies, were all able to be taken down due to a late cancel by a passenger.

"Many of the older women in their 60s-80s have terrible knees and feet" Dr. Budincich reported. He was able to fit several pairs of orthotics, knee braces, and heel lifts during his brief two day stay. The clinic total for all patients served was over 600 by estimation of all the medical and dental specialties attending.

Dr. Budincich is constantly recruiting dentists, MDs, chiropractors, nurses, handymen, and translators to attend these clinics with him and fly down in the Cessna 206. If you are interested in a future trip contact Dr. Bud by clicking here.

"The office is also very family friendly... and great with kids..." - Tabitha E